Fuga Massage Therapy — Price list

Massage, Kalevala bonesetting1 and Functional Fascial Release2

Time Normal price Reduced price3
30 min. € 26 € 22
45 min. € 32.50 € 27.50
60 min. € 39 € 33
1 1/4 hour € 45.50 € 38.50
1 1/2 hour € 52 € 44
1 3/4 hour € 58,50 € 49,50
2 hours € 65 € 55

Offer: When participating in the full series of Functional Fascial Release2, the third treatment now for only 12 EUR.

  1. For the maximum benefit of Kalevala bonesetting, I recommend a two hours treatment, in which it is possible to treat the whole body.
  2. Functional Fascial Release is a series of three treatments of 1.5 hours. It is also possible to apply techniques from Functional Fascial Release during a normal massage.
  3. I grant discount to the following groups: students, conscripts, conscientious objectors in alternative service, unemployed and pensioners. The entitlement to discount must be proven by an identity card or other supporting document.

Note: Part of the massage time can be used for interview or assessment. Also, training of posture, ergonomics or muscle stretching can form part of the massage time.

Gift certificates

Surprise your friend or relative with a gift certificate! Most easily you tell me the name of the recipient and the duration of the treatment(s) in an email. Please state also if the receiver is entitled to a reduction, if applicable. I will send the gift certificate(s) and the invoice in my reply.


In cash, by bank transfer or by MobilePay (requires a Finnish bank account). I do not accept credit or debit cards.