How to book an appointment with Fuga Massage Therapy




Using the Booking Tool

You can book by means of the below booking tool or at my web page with vello.fi.

Please, always state your phone number. If I need additional information or must change your proposed time, that is usually more easily achieved in a phone call than by exchanging messages. You will get a confirmation and a cancellation link to the email address that you entered.

By phone


You can book a time by telephone, at number +358 44 309 8040. As a rule, you can reach me daily from 9 AM to 10 PM, but I will not answer during a massage or when the calling number is hidden. If I do not answer, please leave me a message, then I will call back.

By SMS or email

[Message] [email]

Even though I do not recommend making an appointment via SMS or e-mail, you can still do so. The problem is that many messages may be needed to find a suitable time and the available times may change in between. Please always include your telephone number in emails, so that I can contact you by telephone if necessary.