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Sales policy

I have a small amount of salves and utensils for self treatment in stock, for resale to my customers. I sell the products preferably in connection with your treatment. If you want to buy products outside your treatment time, please agree in advance a time for collecting the articles. I do not send sales items by post.

The prices are valid until the current lot has been sold out. The next lot can have a different price.

Bee Balm

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Songbird® Bee Balm is an effective salve for a dry, irritated or damaged skin. It is very suitable for treating scratches, burns, sunburn, cracked skin, grazes, rashes and scar tissue. The manufacturer advises it also for nappy rash, stretch marks and cradle cap. I use the Bee Balm occasionally in the treatment of my clients. Songbird® Bee Balm’s healing effect is based on its ingredients propolis and tocopherol (vitamin E). Propolis is a resinous substance, which honey bees collect from tree buds and use in their hive. The antibiotic and antimycotic properties of propolis cause that bacteria and fungi cannot proliferate in the bee hive. Vitamin E promotes the healing of a damaged skin. A 20 gram tub costs €4 and a 100 gram tub €10.

Note: Propolis has fabulous properties, but its use is not without risk. According to recent research, 2.5 % of the European population has a propolis allergy. Children seem to have an increased risk of developing a propolis allergy. Canadian recommendations discourage the use of propolis over a period of more than two to four consecutive weeks. To be on the safe side, apply the balm first on a piece of healthy skin. A possible allergy will usually manifest itself within a time span of five to 48 hours as itching, burning, localized rash or urticaria. It has been suggested in a Polish study that the use of alcohol containing products on the skin could transport the allergens to deeper layers and so promote the development of hypersensitivity.

Bouncy balls

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These 45 mm bouncy balls are suitable for self treatment of e.g. trigger points in the back and the shoulder area and for massage of the foot soles. For these purposes they have just the right hardness. The balls do not glide, so that they stay easily at their place. The bouncy balls cost €2 apiece.


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With these wedge shaped rubbers you can treat for instance trigger points deep in your arms of hands. The use of erasers demands good instructions. Carelessly applied, it is possible that the eraser hits a deep nerve. Trigger points like deep pressure, but nerves get irritated by it. The soft rubbers cost €1,50 and the hard ones €2 apiece.