Feel better through massage!

[André Dekker, certified massage therapist in Oulu]

Everyone should be able to lead a pain free life. Everybody should be able to enjoy physical activity. Nobody should experience restricted movement from pain or stiffness in everyday life. When I look around me, I see that for many these ideals are not realized. Sometimes there are underlying medical conditions. However, often the main cause is that muscles or connective tissue have been too long in a shortened position and are no longer able to return from it. My goal is to let people experience again the joy of movement and a pain free life. I achieve that through massage. Massage is one of the best means to restore the flexibility of muscles and connective tissue. In my experience, along with the muscle tension also the pain and many other symptoms usually disappear.

Massage of the painful spot is not enough

Tight muscles can be divided into two groups: too short and too long. Strangely enough, you feel pain and stiffness mostly in muscles that are too long. Muscles that are too short usually give no sign. Nevertheless, these form the core of the problem. They prevent the too long muscles from relaxing. For a lasting improvement it is therefore necessary to massage the too short muscles. Often a chain reaction is taking place. The tension that started in one muscle, spreads gradually over the whole body. Mostly, the muscle at the start of the chain must be found and treated, before the other muscles will be able to relax permanently. When the fascia (muscle sheath) has lost its elasticity or is adhered, it must be massaged too. A muscle can only function properly when its envelope can stretch and glide. Sometimes it is also necessary to mobilize restricted joints. I determine which tissue is too short or adhered and which joints are is stuck from your posture and from movement tests.

Referred pain

The symptoms can also make themselves felt as referred pain. That means that an irritated part of the body projects pain to another part. A typical example is a tension headache, which is caused by tense muscles in the neck and shoulders. My specialism as a massage therapist is to recognize and treat referred pain from tense muscles. Just as important as stopping the pain is finding out and treating the reason why the muscles are tensed. Often the cause is a too short muscle elsewhere in the body.

Posture correction

Tension in muscles and connective tissue is closely related to your posture. For instance, when the muscles in the front of the neck are too tight, they pull the head forward. The average head weighs 5 kg. The muscles at the back of the neck must now work hard to prevent that the head will fall even more forward. Massage of too short muscles and connective tissue improves therefore your posture and also reduces the tension in other muscles. However, your posture is also determined by the shape of your bones. Therefore, it is seldom possible to give you a perfect posture by means of massage. Nevertheless, every improvement of your posture will relieve your symptoms.