About Fuga




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Purpose of the company

Everyone should be able to lead a pain-free life. Everybody should be able to enjoy physical activity. Pain or stiffness should not trouble anyone when making everyday movements. When I look around me, I see that for many these ideals are not realized. Sometimes there are underlying medical conditions. But often the main cause is that there are soft tissues (such as muscles, tendons, connective tissue or nerves) in the body that have lost their normal freedom of movement. My goal is to give the joy of movement and a pain-free life back to my clients. I achieve that through massage and various mobilization methods. Massage is one of the best means to make the soft tissue supple and movable again. In my experience, restoration of the mobility of the soft tissue almost always makes pain and many other complaints decrease or disappear.

About the company name

[Example of a fugue]

A fugue (fuga in Latin) is a piece of music in which one or two themes repeat themselves in different voices. Performing a fugue requires flawless interplay between the musicians, so that the different voices form a harmonious whole. The word ‘Fuga’ in the name of my company reflects the perfect cooperation that is needed between many muscles and other tissues to perform movements efficiently and smoothly. If only a single muscle or other tissue does not function properly, the entire body suffers. But my company name also stands for the thread that runs through the massages and other treatments I give. Just as with a fugue, the treatments I give are based on a theme, that is, a central thought, which repeats itself many times. All the techniques I use have the purpose of restoring the mobility of the soft tissue.